WWII Veterans and Comic Book Legends Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott Receive Military Honors

The two were recognized by representatives of the armed forces on Veterans Day, in a pair of ceremonies held during Rhode Island Comic Con.


MARVEL COMICS legends Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott received military honors this past Veterans Day during Rhode Island Comic Con, in recognition of their service during World War 2.


Joe Sinnott receives his honor.

“Next to my marriage and the birth of my daughter, this is the most sensational moment in my life. I will never forget this,” Lee said. “It is such an honor which I’m sure I don’t deserve.”

Lee was 19 years-old when he left his job at Timely Comics (later to become Marvel Comics) in 1942 to volunteer for the Army, where he served in the Signal Corps repairing telegraph poles and communications equipment. He later transferred to the Training Film Division. As he said in his autobiography, “I enlisted because I couldn’t stand the idea of my being home while other guys my age were fighting. I felt I had to join the army, be a hero like Erroll Flynn or John Wayne.”

Sinnott—also know as Joltin’ Joe Sinnott and beloved for his ink work on The Fantastic Four during comics’ Silver Age—joined the U.S. navy Seabees after the death of his older brother, Sgt. Jack Sinnott, and served in the Battle of Okinawa. Given a standing ovation during his ceremony, Sinnott was deeply moved. “I’m speechless, I really am,” he said. “This is just unbelievable. One of the greatest honors I’ve ever had. Thank You.”

We heartily salute these men for their distinguished service. Thank God for the Greatest Generation.

You can read more about both ceremonies on the Scoop website. And for more on comics professionals and their military service, visit Marvel.com.

Here’s a video of Lee’s ceremony.


Video: YouTube/Mel Vee



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