“Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles” Arrives Just In Time For the Amazing Amazon’s Long-Awaited Solo Movie

This new collected edition from DC Comics spans three decades and at least seven classic clashes—including a fight with Superman!


WONDER WOMAN arrived as a minor character in the December, 1941 issue of All-Star Comics (#8), the same month America was plunged into World War II. One can only imagine how this heroic new female powerhouse was received by kids, especially young girls, who suddenly found themselves growing-up in a world at war. The reception must have been positive, because less than a year later the character had her own comic series, and has run almost continuously for three quarters of a century.

But in spite of her enduring popularity, it’s taken all that time for Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana Prince, to get her own movie.

Sure, we all know and love the still-popular 1970s TV series that starred Lynda Carter. But it wasn’t until Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary, in 2016, that we finally got to see her in a theatrical feature, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And what an entrance! Gal Gadot rocked the part. She saved Batman, went toe-to-toe with Doomsday, and got fans new and old clamoring for a Wonder Woman movie.

Thankfully, it arrives on June 2.

But if you’d like to spend the time between now and then brushing-up on what the Amazing Amazon has been up to all these years, you might want to check out Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles, a new best-of collection published recently by DC Comics. While not an exhaustive overview of Wonder Woman’s history, it’s a solid collection that would make a great primer for fans new to the character. It was published in February and was one of the month’s best-selling graphic novels.

The book runs 134 pages, and features 7 stories published between 1987 and 2013, pitting Wonder Woman against some of her most formidable opponents. There’s the confrontation with Ares in a black void; a virtuous struggle for Cheetah’s humanity; and a stunning battle with Medousa before an audience of millions! The set also includes Wonder Woman’s famous 2005 fight with a mind-controlled Superman!

Writers and artists featured in this collection include Brian Azzarello, Gail Simone, and Jim Lee.

It’s available both digitally and in paperback.

Here’s the full lineup. The stories appear in chronological order:

Power Play #6 (1987)
In the Forest of the Night #119 (1997)
Stoned: Conclusion #210 (2005)
Sacrifice: Part 4 #219 (2005)
A Murder of Crows: Part 2—Throwdown #41 (2010)

Justice League: Part 3
#3 (2011)

Goddown #23 (2013)


From “Powerplay” (1987)

Images: DC Comics

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