When Spider-Man Met the Ramones

Lots of bands have covered the Spider-Man theme song, but only one that had anywhere near Spidey’s pop-culture cool.


IT’S FUN to consider that if Spider-Man/Peter Parker actually existed, he might well have been friends with the Ramones.

After all, like the progenitors of punk rock, Peter Parker is a product of Forest Hills, Queens, and considering that he was 17 when first introduced to the public in 1962, he’d be about the same age.

Now, while it is unlikely that Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee were hanging out with science prodigies, it is worth noting that Spidey and the boys did share a wiseguy sense of humor and decidedly square-peg social status, so who knows? Maybe they’d have met at the cool table in the school lunchroom.

Something tells me these factors didn’t go unnoticed by the Ramones, whose pop culture sensibilities were well established. Comic book imagery was always part of the band’s aesthetic; they referenced cartoon characters in songs (i.e. “The Crusher”); and their unofficial mascot was underground comic strip icon Zippy the Pinhead.

In any case, it’s highly likely that the Ramones were fans of the 1967 Spider-Man animated TV series. Everybody was—and everybody knew the theme song by heart. In 1995, the Ramones covered it as a bonus track on ¡Adios Amigos!, their final album as a band. The lineup was a bit different by this point (with Marky on drums and C.J. playing the bass), but the sound is classic Ramones.

It was a match made in pop-culture heaven. Enjoy!

P.S. — Be on the lookout for an appearance by actress Drew Barrymore.

Video: YouTube/Ramoneros


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