VIDEO: Universal Monsters—The First Shared Movie Universe

Syfy Wire demonstrates how the Universal Monsters had a shared movie universe long before it became a thing.


IN MY October TCM Watch List I pointed out that long before there was a Marvel Cinematic Universe or a DC Cinematic Universe there was a Frankenstein Cinematic Universe—only no one called it that because cinematic universes weren’t on anybody’s radar sixty-odd years ago. It reality, it was a cash grab by Universal Pictures. But thanks to the artists and performers who gave it flesh and blood, the franchise worked out surprisingly well, and to this day, fans (like me) are eating it up.

Check out this video from Syfy Wire. It offers a great overview of the first shared movie universe, along with insights on how the whole beautiful thing unfolded.


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Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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