VIDEO: The Awesome Godzilla Ride That Nearly Invaded Epcot Theme Park

It would have been spectacular.


ACCORDING TO a new video posted on YouTube by a group called ChrisCrossMedia, during the creation of Disney’s Epcot theme park in Orlando, Florida there were plans in place to give visitors an unforgettable encounter with the King of Monsters! 

The attraction was to have been part of virtual ride in the park’s Japanese Pavilion—a simulated tour of Japan aboard a bullet train that would have culminated with the train being attacked by Godzilla.

It’s not hard to imagine just how earth-shakingly amazing this experience would have been. But we never got it, and here’s the full story on why. The video is part of ChrisCrossMedia’s excellent series Scrapped, which chronicles great pop culture concepts that never came to pass.


Image and video: ChrisCrossMedia/YouTube


Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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