The First Officially-Licensed BLACULA MASK!

From Trick or Treat Studios comes a fitting tribute to the reigning prince of grindhouse vampires!


BLACULA (1972) is easily one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated vampire movies ever made. But only by those who haven’t seen it. Those who have seen it tell a different story, one about a hard-hitting slice of horror cinema that rose above its grindhouse title to become one of the best original vampire movies of the ’70s—an unforgettable, even scary, depiction of what it might be like if an old-world vampire were loosed upon a modern city.

And that’s a tribute to the artists who created it, especially Shakespearean actor William Marshall in the role of Mamuwalde, an African prince who is turned into a vampire by none other than Count Dracula himself!

So it’s gratifying to know that this unforgettable character finds himself in good hands even now, nearly a half-century later. Trick or Treat Studios is among the world’s leading creators of Halloween masks and accessories, and they have done Blacula proud with this detailed full-head mask sculpted from screenshots by special effects makeup artist Rich Krusell (Sinister).



THE MASK is 100% hand-made from durable materials, and is suitable for either costume use or display. For more information, visit Trick or Treat Studios.


The great William Marshall as “Blacula” (1972).

Images: Trick or Treat Studios/MGM


Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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