This Dazzling New Bandai Import Figure Re-Imagines CAPTAIN AMERICA as A SAMURAI WARRIOR

It’s called the Manga Realization Marvel Samurai Captain America. But that’s just a really long way of saying awesome.


IT HAS NEVER occurred to me to envision Marvel’s Captain America as a stylized feudal samurai. But it did occur to somebody, and the result is an amazing new figure that’s on its way to stores now from Japan’s Bandai toy company.

It’s actually part of a growing line of Samurai-style creations from Bandai. Iron Man, Spider-Man, Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters are already available.

The detailing here is spectacular, brilliantly blending the familiar elements of Cap’s uniform with those of a traditional samurai. Note the wings on Samurai Cap’s helmet, for example. And better yet, the figure’s removable chest mark is actually a shuriken throwing star!

Excited? Well, you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on one. Samurai Cap is scheduled to arrive this spring.


Stephen Vincent D’Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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