The Universal Studios’ CLASSIC MONSTERS CAFÉ in Orlando Gets an Upgrade

After a nearly two-year overhaul, what as once just a gimmicky place to grab lunch has been transformed into what one reviewer calls “a vivid, immersive horror tribute.”


IF YOU’RE a monster fan and you’re planning a trip to Universal Studios Florida, you’ll want to add Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café to your itinerary. As much an attraction now as it is a restaurant, the café has been totally overhauled with an eye toward atmosphere and exhibits that showcase Universal’s classic monster legacy in a way that has fans thrilled.

One such enthusiast is photographer, actor, writer, and self-confessed Halloween fiend Michael Gavin, who recently posted a rave review of the café on the website Inside the Magic, along with lots of excellent photographs that help make his case. It’s Gavin who calls the new-and-improved café “a vivid, immersive horror tribute,” and he goes on to detail such exciting sites as a nicely curated classic sci-fi section; sculptures by legendary makeup artist Tom Savini; and a spectacular gallery of paintings by the late, great monster illustrator Basil Gogos.

All-in-all, it’s a monster lover’s dream. Check out Gavin’s post at Inside the Magic and see for yourself.

Visitors to the Classic Monsters Café are greeted by some familiar figures outside.

And once inside, the café dazzles with an array of classic Universal Monsters imagery cleverly incorporated into the design. Note the familiar “electrode” motif in this food court, which periodically crackles blue after a blast of thunder.

PHOTOS: (top) The Florida Project; (bottom) Trip Advisor


Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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