Target’s Got UNIVERSAL MONSTERS for Halloween

From collectibles to masks, Target’s Monsterville Collection offers something for everybody.


IF YOU’RE A COLLECTOR and you love Universal Monsters, you’ll want to visit your nearest Target ASAP because this Halloween the chain is featuring a cool line of collectibles that are made to order for fans. Only you can’t actually order most of these items because they’re only available for purchase in-store! 

Below you’ll find just a sampling of what’s available. For more information visit Target’s Monsterville page.


These Animated Cloches are the highlight of the bunch for me. Check out the detail!


A Creature From the Black Lagoon “Screamer” to go with the Frankie up top.

A Mummy bust with hypnotic eyes.

Official Universal Studios Creature Mask

Images: Target


Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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