Check Out SHALLOW WATER, A Thrilling New Short Film From the Creator of BATMAN DEAD END!

It’s 18½ minutes of old-school monster goodness.


FILMMAKER SANDY COLLORA made quite a name for himself with the classic 2003 “fan film” Batman Dead End, and he’s been churning out quality work as a writer, producer, director, effects artist, and just about anything else one can do on a film set ever since. So it’s no surprise that Collora’s latest project, a short monster movie featuring wonderfully old-school practical effects, is garnering lots of attention.

The film is entitled Shallow Water, and it was shot as a proof of concept for a planned horror/sci-fi anthology featuring a wild array of creatures. And considering how well this film stands-up on its own—tense, well-crafted, and loaded with monsters—I’m pretty excited about its prospects for a feature.

You can watch the film on YouTube.

Note: Parental guidance suggested.

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