New LOST IN SPACE Action Figure Announced, and It Comes With a Bloop!

Penny Robinson and her simian sidekick are the latest additions to Executive Replicas’ growing line of Irwin Allen collectibles.


IF YOU know your Lost in Space trivia, you know that the Robinson family’s middle child, Penny (Angela Cartwright) had a high IQ and an interest in zoology. And as any such a kid might be prone to do while planet-hopping through the cosmos, Penny had a habit of bringing home weird, alien animals, and none more endearing than the long-eared, adorable space-ape known as Debbie the Bloop.

Now you’ll have an opportunity to bring home a little Bloop of your own thanks to the good folks at Executive Replicas. The company has announced a new set of officially-licensed, 1/6 scale figures that are beautifully crafted and rich in detail. But be forewarned, they’ve got a price tag to match.

Yes, they are expensive. Nearly two hundred bucks for the set. But look at it this way: The figures are a pretty good size, and at least your Bloop won’t require you to clean-up after it.

As Dr. Smith might say, “BAH, you dreadful creature!”

The set is available for pre-order now at, along with a cool new John Robinson Figure that comes with his famous jet pack.

Everyone in the Robinson party was left flabbergasted by Dr. Smith’s (Jonathan Harris) nefarious nature, even the Bloop.



Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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