Origami Godzilla Will Crush Your City and Test Your Patience

How to turn a sheet of paper into the King of Monsters.


THE WORD ORIGAMI is derived from the Japanese words ori (fold) and kami (paper). Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes that look like birds, animals, etc.”

I define it as difficult, but that won’t stop me from attempting to create my very own Origami Godzilla with help from a talented papercraft artist who goes by the name Moo Keep. The video below, featured on Moo Keep’s YouTube channel, offers step-by-step instructions on how to pull it off.

Bear in mind, though, that Moo Keep is an expert and it takes him nearly half an hour!

So chances are my first attempt will look like an origami hippo. But with patience and perseverance I’m sure that before too long I will be welcoming a little paper Godzilla to the fold.

See what I did there?

Check out Moo Keep’s website for lots of additional paper projects.

Image and video: Mookeep – Original Paper Model, Papercraft and Origami


Stephen Vincent D’Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance. steve@wonderalliance.com

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