Mezco’s New RED SKULL Figures Are On the Way

One of Marvel’s nastiest villains gets the hero treatment with a striking pair of new collectible sets.


SOMEONE’S OUT TO conquer your wallet this fall, and he’s armed with a Cosmic Cube!

Yes, the new 1:12 scale Red Skull figures from Mezco are a pricey pair, retailing for 80 bucks each, but I must say Captain America’s arch nemesis has never looked better. As is the case with all of the company’s figures, it’s the details that really sell them. I especially like the “Exclusive” model, which wears a green jump suit reminiscent of the one sported by Skully in his first appearance back in 1941. As you can see from the product slides below, both come with weapons, interchangeable parts, a cool Hydra-themed base, and a Cosmic Cube for maximum mayhem!

Check ’em out for yourself at


Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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