TINY ARCADE, the Working Retro Game Cabinet That Fits in Your Hand

It’s like going back to the ’80s…as a giant!


FROM THE brilliant minds at an Ohio-based company called TinyCircuits comes this pocket-sized arcade system that you can put together yourself and load-up with your favorite classic games.

It’s called Tiny Arcade, appropriately enough, and you can buy it either preassembled or as a kit that snaps together in about 10 minutes with no technical skills required. The system is designed to play a large—and growing—selection of open source video games, which can be downloaded free from the TinyCircuits website.

And get this… you can also convert MP4 files to the system’s TinyScreen format and watch little movies on it as well!

The cabinet is available in clear and colored versions, and features two buttons and a sturdy analog joystick for play action. It comes with a vibrant OLED screen and built-in speaker; SD card expansion slot; a USB port for charging and game development (if you are so inclined); a rechargeable lithium battery; and arcade stickers to decorate the cabinet.

Watch this video to see Tiny Arcade in action, and for more information visit TinyCircuits’ website.



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