Limited Edition MEGO-STYLE BORIS KARLOFF FIGURES Celebrate Four Iconic Film Roles

These licensed collectibles from Distinctive Dummies are a most fitting tribute to a beloved icon of fright.


UNLESS YOU ARE a serious collector, you may not have heard of Distinctive Dummies. The Bangkok-based company has somehow managed to keep a rather low profile, even while turning out some of the best custom, limited-edition character figures available today. 

They caught my attention with their line of officially-licensed Boris Karloff figures. There are four in all, each based on an iconic role in the legendary actor’s filmography: Edmond Bateman (The Raven; 1935); Dr. Fu Manchu (The Mask of Fu Manchu; 1932); Hjalmar Poelzig (The Black Cat; 1934); and Morgan the Butler (The Old Dark House; 1932).

Karloff’s Edmond Bateman from “The Raven”. Each figure comes in a numbered display package featuring illustrations of the entire line.

THE FIGURES were produced in cooperation with Sara Karloff, the late actor’s daughter, and created in the classic style of Mego 8″ figures. The clothing is handmade, and the figures are built with type S bandless bodies for greater articulation.

For more information on these and other character figures, visit Distinctive Dummies.


Stephen Vincent D’Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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