Indie Comics Spotlight: “Landslide”

Creator Nichi Hawkins and Headshrinker’s Press unearth a most intriguing new kind of monster.


HAVE YOU EVER looked at hill and imagined how cool it would be if the hill suddenly moved and turned out to be not a hill at all, but a giant monster?

I’ve had that flight of fancy myself. I’m sure millions of people have. But I can think of only one person who took that idea and actually built an entire mythology around it—the basis for what is turning out to be one exceptionally well-rendered comic book series unfolding right now at an indie publishing house called Headshrinker’s Press.

The industrious dreamer to whom I refer is Nichi Hawkins, author and creator of Landslide, and also the guy who runs Headshrinker’s Press. Remember the name, because after reading just two books in the series I have a feeling we’ll be hearing it more often.

The world of Landslide spans both history and the globe, introducing us to a race of earthen giants who’ve been in existence since before recorded history, dotting the landscape as dormant hills and mountains, rising only when they are needed… or angered. The Landslide monsters come in a variety of looks, and seem to come in an equal variety of dispositions. To an ancient Incan King, the towering creature who slumbers on the outskirts of the city is a source of humility and fear. To a poor Jamaican sorcerer who’s been wronged by his former employers at the Panama Canal Company, it’s a weapon of vengeance.

The stories that Hawkins builds around these behemoths form an alternate history that is rich with cultural detail and emotion. The characters all ring true. We come for the monsters, but we stay for the story.

The art is uniformly fabulous, with richly detailed pencil-and-ink work, and color you’ll want to eat. Seriously. Hawkins has gathered some very special artists to bring his story to life.

As of this writing there have been two books released: Landslide Roots, a collection of stories chronicling monster appearances in antiquity; and Landslide #1: Cursed Ground, the first issue in what will be a 6-issue series. Check out the samples below.

Both books are available digitally at Comixology. For print editions, visit the Headshrinker’s Press online bookstore.

Landslide Roots
Publisher: Headshrinker’s Press

Writer: Nichi Hawkins
Pencils & Inks: AC Rillo
Colored By: Bolaji Olaloye
Lettering: Micah Myers, Michael Neno
Color; 40 pages; Age Rating: 12+ Only

Landslide #1: Cursed Ground
Publisher: Headshrinker’s Press
Writer: Nichi Hawkins
Pencils & Inks: Armando C. Rillo, Sr.
Colored By: Bolaji Olaloye
Lettering: Michael Neno
Edited By: Jenn Bass

Color; 29 pages; Age Rating: 15+ Only

Cover and sample page from “Landslide Roots”


Cover and sample page from “Landslide #1: Cursed Ground”

Images: Headshrinker’s Press


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