Get These Cool Paper Toys Based On John Carpenter Characters. They’re free!

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ONE LOOK AT THESE menacing little figures and you can’t help but rattle off their names…

Blake (The Fog). Michael Myers (Halloween). David Lo Pan (Big Trouble in Little China).

Such is the impact that John Carpenter has had on our lives, and it’s been recognized here by a talented illustrator named Brian Gubicza. He created these paper models as a tribute to the great director, and he’s made them available in the spirit of fandom. Just print ’em out, put ’em together, and place ’em on display.

You’ll find all three models on Brian’s website, Hit the tab marked Free Stuff and you’ll find some other interesting items as well.

Here’s what Michael Myers looks like before you put him together.

Images: © 2009 Zooguu LLC/Brian Gubicza


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