Jason Voorhees Returns In the New “Friday the 13th” Fan Film, NEVER HIKE ALONE

A surprisingly slick production that plays like the real thing.


IT’S BEEN nearly a decade since we’ve seen a new Friday the 13th film. At least from Hollywood. But Jason Voorhees is back nonetheless in a new, wildly popular fan-made film that proves there is still plenty of life left in one of the screen’s most popular un-killable monsters.

And judging from the buzz, it also proves that fan-made films are a good way for filmmakers to get themselves noticed.

Never Hike Alone runs just under an hour and stars Drew Leighty as an extreme hiker who stumbles into the ruins of the infamous Camp Crystal Lake, now just a moldering old crime scene which is nevertheless still haunted by you-know-who. What follows is a professional-looking production that knows its source material well and refers to it in a number of clever ways—not the least of which is a special 3rd-act appearance by one of the franchise’s most recognizable stars.

Is it perfect? No. Not even the “real” Friday films can boast that. But in what is only his second directorial effort to date, filmmaker Vincente DiSanti—who also portrays Jason—has scored a genuine winner that works on nearly every level.

And speaking of scores, the music here, composed by Ryan Perez-Daple, is outstanding.

Never Hike Alone is age-restricted for adult content. To watch it on YouTube, click here.



Stephen Vincent D’Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance. steve@wonderalliance.com

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