Janus Films Releases a Limited-Edition Poster For the Newly-Restored NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

A comic-inspired collectible from veteran illustrator Sean Phillips.


WITH THE current theatrical re-release of 1968’s Night of the Living Dead frightening audiences all over again, it’s only fitting that George A. Romero‘s seminal horror classic should get a brand-new poster to go with its dazzling 4K restoration. After a painstaking, years-long process that was overseen by the original filmmakers themselves, Night now looks as good as it did the day it opened, and thanks to the curators at Janus Films, Night‘s new theatrical distributor, it’s got a brand new poster to reflect its power—and its legacy.

Romero’s aesthetic was heavily influenced by the EC Comics he read growing-up, and illustrator Sean Phillips (Marvel; DC; Dark Horse Comics) seems to reflect that in this wonderfully stylized one-sheet pitting cast members (l. to r.) Judith O’Dea, Duane Jones, and Karl Hardman against a horde of advancing ghouls. See the level of decay on those hands? It’s far more suggestive of an EC Comics’ crypt-climber than it is of the fresh corpses we see in Night. That’s why I use the word legacy.

This glossy, limited-edition 27″ × 39.5″ poster comes rolled, and is available now from The Criterion Collection.


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