One of the most memorable movie Martians of them all is ready to invade your collection.


WHEN I WAS 10 years-old I would have given anything for an action figure based on the monster from IT! The Terror from Beyond Space. Seriously, I’m a lot older than 10 now and I still want one.

Happily, my wait is over. One of the coolest additions to Amok Time’s growing Monstarz collectibles line is this 4.25-inch figure based on a critter so terrifying that no one dares speak ITS! name.

The 1958 movie was a Saturday-night staple on television back in the day, and a favorite of monster-loving kids everywhere. It was the story of a terrified crew trapped in their space ship with a marauding Martian monster. A clear inspiration for 1979’s Alien, it featured one of the most iconic creatures of the drive-in era.

The figure is based on the original design by legendary monster-maker Paul Blaisdell, and comes in three colors: Mars Red, Alien Green, and the version we all remember best, Black and White. In addition, each figure comes with two interchangeable heads and a display base.

Images: Amok Time, Inc.


Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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