Inflatable Frankenstein!

The only thing he fears is cats!


AS A COLLECTOR of all things Frankenstein, I was surprised to learn that this cool novelty from Rubie’s Costume Company has been around for years but somehow escaped my notice. Now I’m picking out a corner for him to stand in.

And as Rubie’s website assures us, he will stand—thanks to some clever water pockets in his shoes that lend weight to his otherwise airy frame.

Inflatable Frankenstein is an officially licensed Universal Monsters collectible, which explains the accurate character details. Sure, his head is shaped like a Costco mayonnaise jar, but at least it’s sort of flat, and he’s got neck bolts and a lightning-shaped scar to go with his Boris Karloff likeness. Standing a full 6-feet tall, it’s a really nice piece, overall.

It’s available at Amazon and other retailers. Check Rubie’s website for a store locator.

Images: Rubie’s Costume Company, Inc.


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Stephen Vincent D’Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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