Stop-Motion is Go at the “House of Monsters”

An old-school visual feast served one frame at a time.


STOP-MOTION ANIMATION is powerful stuff. Whenever it appears, people will suddenly stop doing whatever they’re doing and give it their full attention. It could be King Kong, or it could be a dancing carrot—if it’s an inanimate object and it’s running around doing things, we’re transfixed.

Maybe that’s why filmmakers—in spite of the relative ease and cost-efficiency of CGI—keep coming back to an old-school process as painstaking and difficult to pull off as stop-motion. It’s irresistible.


       Christopher Lloyd is the        voice of Dr. Gaulstone.

Which brings me to House of Monsters, a beautifully crafted series of short films that’s winning lots of awards and hearts with its old-school mix of stop-motion magic and classic monsters.

Currently making the rounds at film festivals, and fresh off a featured appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, House of Monsters stars Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Gaulstone, the resident mad scientist in an enchanted village that’s also home to mummies, zombies, vampires, werewolves, and a big, misunderstood monster named Frank (hint hint).

The series was created by Dawn Brown, a Hollywood set designer with a long list of credits. In an interview with the Pond 5 blog, Brown offered some insight into why stop-motion is worth all the time and hard work it requires. “The feeling when you watch the playback of the animation coming to life, and you start to see these little characters take on their personalities, when you know it’s just foam and wire and rubber—when you see that start to happen on the screen, it’s all worth it.”

We couldn’t agree more. Here’s a quick peek at House of Monsters. You can see more, including lots of behind-the-scenes stuff, on YouTube.


Photo & Video: The Monster Shop, Inc.
Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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