Artist James Gurney Introduces Us to a Legendary Toy Inventor and the Greatest Action Figure That Never Was

His name is MAXx FX, and he coulda been big.


FROM THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL of artist James Gurney (Dinotopia) comes this interesting encounter with legendary toy inventor Mel Birnkrant and his ill-fated late-1980s action figure, MAXx FX.

I call MAXx FX ill-fated because he never made it to the mass market.


Concept art for MAXx FX hints at some iconic surprises.

I call Mel Birnkrant a legend because he created the Colorforms Outer Space Men, and they were my favorite toys as a kid.

So I love Mel Birnkrant. And the fact that he looks like Santa Claus only sweetens the deal.

After you watch the video, be sure to visit Birnkrant’s website and Gurney’s YouTube channel.

You’ll be glad you did.

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Stephen Vincent D’Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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