The Jawesome GREAT WHITE SHARK & DIVER Model Kit from Pegasus Hobbies

Want to add a little drama to that model shelf or display case? Here is today’s prize catch.


THIS BEAUTIFUL kit from Pegasus Hobbies is a generous 1:18 scale model that comes with two shark heads—mouth slightly open, and mouth WIDE open—as well as a pair of unobtrusive pedestal stands for display. It’s molded from vinyl with plastic parts.

I’ve seen a number of cool modifications made to this model, but not even one instance where someone clipped open the bars and thrust the shark’s head inside. Strange, because that was the first thing that occurred to me. Then again, I’ve seen Jaws too many times for my own good.

For more information visit Pegasus Hobbies.


Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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