Hang it in a window, or hang it on a wall. Either way, this officially-licensed Universal Monsters collectible from WOWindow Posters is enormously cool.


 I ORDERED my giant-sized Frankenstein’s Monster Window Poster about ten seconds after seeing it online, and it was in my mailbox just a few days later. It all happened very fast. But that was a week or so ago and the poster still sits on my table, virtually invisible in its package, because I simply cannot decide whether to put it on full window display for the enjoyment of my neighbors, or hang it in my home office for the enjoyment of me… alone. Well, my wife, too. She likes it.

I’ll eventually get around to making a decision, but in the meantime I thought I’d share it here because I know my readers, and, like me, you guys love classic monsters.

There are a lot of licensed Universal Monsters products on the market this Halloween season, and this inexpensive dazzler is among my favorites. It’s a stunningly green portrait of Boris Karloff as the Monster, measuring an impressive 34.5″ x 60″ and made of plastic sheeting. And while it is definitely intended for window display—designed to “glow” with the help of your room’s standard lighting—it will look most impressive on a wall as well.

For more information on this and other cool items, visit WOWindow Posters.

The plastic poster is backlit by your home’s interior lighting, and will terrify unsuspecting passersby.


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