Watch a Scene Anytime With the KING KONG Flipbook

Fliptomania puts King Kong at your fingertips!


THE FLIPBOOK was patented by an English printer named John Barnes Linnett in 1868, and has been charming enthusiasts with its novelty ever since. Even now, almost 150 years later, when one can watch an entire movie in high definition on a telephone, these primitive little handheld moving pictures retain a magic all their own.

Linnett dubbed his printed wonder a “kineograph.” Today it’s simply a flipbook, and it’s the specialty of a California company called Fliptomania. They produce a wide line of collectible flipbooks depicting everything from dogs and cats and dinosaurs to a dancing Elvis Presley. But the book that really caught my eye is King Kong, a frame-by-frame reproduction of one exciting moment in that famous 1933 battle atop the Empire State Building. Watch the video demonstration, below.

It’s part of a series of branded Turner Classic Movies Archives editions offered by Fliptomania. Other titles in the TCM series include North By Northwest and The Wizard of Oz.

You’ll find these and other Fliptomania books at Amazon.


King Kong flipbook Flipstory from selocultura on Vimeo.

Book image, top: Fliptomania


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