Alterna Comics’ New “Doppelgänger” Series Is Off To A Great Start

What might it be like to meet a scary version of yourself?


IT’S NOT unusual to see double after a serious blow to the head. However, seeing your own double—an exact copy of you with a life and will of his own—now that’s another story.

And it’s the story being told by writer Jordan Hart and artist Emmanuel Xerx Javier in Doppelgänger, a new 4-issue limited series from indie publisher Alterna Comics. Issue #1 was released earlier this month, and it sets-up a situation I am now desperate to see resolved, one way or the other. You see, Hart and Javier have made very good choices with regard to their main character, Dennis Zimmann. He’s about as ordinary and gentle a man as you’ll ever meet. His family loves him. His dog loves him. He’s got a cool best friend who loves him. He’s even well-regarded by his co-workers. So when a monstrous version of Dennis Zimmann suddenly appears out of nowhere in the wake of a car accident to take the place of our Dennis Zimmann, we are deeply sympathetic, and we’re afraid for old Dennis because, heck, after just a few pages we’ve grown to love him, too, and this really draws us into his (thus far) tragic story.

And did I mention the fact that Bad Dennis has deadly powers, and a casual willingness to use them?

The first issue makes it clear that Dennis Zimmann has been taking guff from lousy people his entire life, so it’ll be interesting to see how, or if, he can work up the courage to fight back. There are seeds planted in the first chapter that suggest our hero will not be without allies in his struggle, but I’d be ruining things if I went into detail. This is a well thought-out story with much to offer the careful reader.

Doppelgänger is available digitally via Comixology. But more excitingly, it will also begin a run as part of Alterna’s much-anticipated new line of newsprint comics in November.

Visit Alterna for more information.

Doppelgänger #1 (of 4)
A Digital Comic
Release Date: March 2, 2017
$1.99, 24 pages, full color, horror/suspense
Age Rating: 17+ Only

Writer: Jordan Hart
Art: Emmanuel Xerx Javier

Images: Alterna Comics


Stephen Vincent D’Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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