Comic Review, TUROK #1

The legendary hero of Lost Valley returns in a crackling new series from Dynamite Comics.


THE DINOSAUR hunter known as Turok has been with us, in one form or another, since 1954, when he debuted in the Gold Key Comics series Turok, Son of Stone. Through various series and classic video games, the character has been portrayed as everything from a tribal warrior to a time traveler to a space marine, but through it all he’s really had only one overarching purpose: to fight dinosaurs. And in his latest iteration on the pages of Dynamite Comics, he’s still very much at it.

But Turok’s world has changed. His home in the Lost Valley has somehow come under the control of the fascist Varanid Empire, ruled over by a race of humanoid dinosaurs called the Saurians. They’ve achieved complete dominance over the valley’s human population, and its human-dinosaur hybrid population as well.  But there does exist some willingness to resist the cruel reign of the Saurians, and Turok’s appearance may be just the catalyst to set things off.

In this first issue of the series, Turok seeks a missing girl who might hold clues as to how the valley came under Saurian control. His search takes him into a Saurian prison, where he acquires two colorful allies and proceeds to turn the place upside-down. Writer Chuck Wendig (Hyperion) and artist Álvaro Sarraseca (Witchblade) set-up this universe in a compelling way, establishing character and background effectively without ever slowing things down. Turok, of course, is the star, a noble warrior who fears nothing. But his new companions—a pair of wily thieves—get to contribute much to the story as well. And in the Saurians we have about as nasty a pack of villains as one could hope for. They’re disgusting. And mean. And by the time a hissing one in a Gestapo uniform shows up riding a T-rex, we’re ready for whatever this series has to offer next.

Turok’s been around for over sixty years because he’s a cool character. I’m happy to report that nothing’s changed.

Dynamite Comics
Print & Digital; 32 pgs.
Age Rating: 12+
Published: August, 2017


Images: Dynamite Entertainment


Stephen Vincent D'Emidio is the editor and publisher of Wonder Alliance.

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