Comic Review: “KISS Forever”

The rockers make history in a new 48-page annual special from Dynamite.


THIS WEEK, the members of KISS take a break from their ongoing Dynamite comic book series for a standalone adventure that finds the boys popping-up at different points in human history, and, in some cases, even shaping it!

If your head is spinning right now you should know that we’re not talking about Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, but, rather, the archetypes they portray on stage: the Demon, the Starman, the Spaceman and the Catmanfour unique beings, as the book tells us, here to watch, and sometimes to act. But they are here, and they are forever.

I’ve been a KISS fan for over 40 years, so I’m familiar with the “forever” part. But as a newcomer to the band’s comic book exploits I was surprised to discover just how well these characters lend themselves to the medium. The Catman and the Starman seem right at home mixing it up with cavemen and pirates, respectively, but the real standout stories in this 4-chapter book involve a pair of clever alternate histories, one in which the Demon is present at the burning of Rome, in 64 AD, and another which places the Spaceman at the center of the failed Apollo 13 mission.

It’s imaginative stuff, and a credit to the pen of writer Erik Burnham (Red Sonja; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). The stories aren’t long, but they are inventive, and effectively illustrated by Green Lanterns veteran Daniel HDR.

As one who remembers those halcyon days when KISS was “the hottest band in the world,” it’s gratifying for me to see that they can still make ripples on the pop-culture landscape. And with Gene Simmons reportedly talking retirement, I’m willing to bet I’m not alone.

Dynamite Comics
Pub. May 31, 2017 (print and digital)
Color; 48 pages; Age Rating: 12+
Writer: Erik Burnham; Art: Daniel HDR
Color: Wesllei Manoel; Lettering: Troy Petteri
Cover: Yildiray Cinar; Editor: Anthony Marques



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