Comic Review: BLOOD BROTHERS Are On the Case

New from Dynamite Comics, cool crime drama on a fantasy urban landscape where a wrestling detective is par for the course.


HAVE YOU ever met a comic-book character for the first time in the pages of a #1 issue, and automatically hoped they’d be around for years to come? That’s the reaction I had upon meeting the Soliz Brothers, aka Hermanos de Sangre; aka the Blood Brothers, a most unusual pair of police detectives fighting crime in an even more unusual city.

Diego Soliz is the one in the suit (above), a top-notch investigator with an uncanny link to the spirit world. His sibling and partner, Gabriel, wears a mask and cape, because in addition to being a detective he’s a wrestler—a luchador—and, thus, the team’s muscle. Gabriel also seems to have some supernatural ability. His body glows in the presence of danger.

Weird cops, right? Sure, but no weirder than the creatures of mythology and fantasy who live and work side-by-side with humans in the world of this story—from fawns and fairies to goblins and werewolves, with a friendly, horned cyclops bartender thrown-in for good measure. It’s that kind of world and that kind of story, and we’re dropped into it very matter-of-factly. This engaging first issue only hints at why things are as they are. It all may have something to do with a past event everyone refers to as “the break.” Regardless, writer Fabian Rangel Jr. (‘Namwolf) and artist Javier Martín Caba make us feel right at home in this strange place from page one, giving us a pair of heroes we can get behind and a murder mystery involving a cursed Aztec mask that promises monstrous things to come—not to mention some insight for the Soliz Brothers on a painful family mystery.

A terrific debut for what promises to be a fun series, maybe even more.

Dynamite; Pub. June 28, 2017
Color; 25 pages; Age Rating: 15+
Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr.; Art: Javier Martin Caba
Letterer: Ryan Ferrier
Available in Print and Digital

Images: Dynamite Comics


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