30 Free Comics Announced for Halloween ComicFest 2017!


IT MAY BE too early to start talking about Halloween, but it’s never too early to announce that 30 great comic books will be given away absolutely free this fall as part of Halloween ComicFest 2017.

I’ve posted the covers of six of this year’s offerings below. But there are 30 in all—18 full size and 12 mini-comics—representing both major and independent publishers, with titles for every taste and age-range.

In case you don’t know, Halloween ComicFest is the comic book industry’s way of saying “thank you” not only to fans, but to the local comic dealers who work so hard to keep this community thriving. If you’re one of those folks who’s thought about visiting your local comic shop, but never done it, consider this giveaway an official invitation to come on in.

It’s happening on Saturday, October 28 in comic shops all across the country, and as always, costumes are encouraged (though not required!)

For more information on this exciting event, including a comic shop locator and full list of books that will be available this year, visit Halloween ComicFest online.

Here are 6 of the great comics to be given away FREE at your local comic shop this year:

Remember, it’s Saturday, October 28, 2017.


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